F. Uhlmann-Eyraud SA

Uhlmann Eyraud sells over-the-counter products from top international brands throughout Switzerland.


Dabso SA

Dabso is a trend-setter in Swiss retail with famous healthy snacking products.



F. Uhlmann-Eyraud SA & Dabso SA

Combined performance for the Swiss market

Uhlmann Eyraud and Dabso are sister companies. Uhlmann Eyraud is active in the OTC sector, while Dabso serves the Swiss food market. Their combined presence in the OTC/pharma sector and the food sector generates unique synergies for the benefit of everyone – customers, partners and consumers.

  • The merged customer service department, warehouse logistics and accounting, invoicing and HR departments operated by Uhlmann Eyraud for both companies create synergies and a streamlined structure.

  • Between them, Uhlmann Eyraud and Dabso deliver to and serve around 10,000 sales points. The fact that the OTC sector and the food sector partially overlap results in exciting synergies and the opportunity for cross-selling activities. Specially qualified marketing and sales teams work on the food and OTC sectors respectively.

  • The close links between the two companies are also based on cultural and linguistic factors: as a long-established Geneva-based company, Uhlmann Eyraud has always been familiar with French-speaking Switzerland, while Dabso is located in Lenzburg, an ideal location from which to serve the German-Swiss market. Together, these companies possess unique knowledge of the domestic market and are highly trusted.

  • Uhlmann Eyraud and Dabso have a shared history, represent the same corporate values and conduct their business in accordance with the same maxim: WE ROCK BRANDS!