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Zaramama – Gourmet Popping Corn!

In Herefordshire, England, you’ll find a small, efficient team dedicated to the purchase of popcorn specialties. Whether you opt for one of their wide range of gift packages or a cob that can be prepared directly in the microwave, ZaraMama’s specialties are a wonderful way to treat your loved ones – or yourself.

The small, efficient ZaraMama team has been purchasing and packaging popcorn from selected producers since 2007, and then selling them on to selected international retailers. From the wide range of gift options packed in small bags in a variety of colours, to cobs that can be prepared in the microwave, ZaraMama Popcorn is the perfect gift, whether when visiting others or for your own enjoyment.

Blue, red and yellow: the different varieties, with names such as ‘Ruby Red’ and ‘Midnight Blue’, don't just taste delicious, they’re also decorative and are a great accompaniment for your next film night or as a healthy snack with drinks.

ZaraMama sells butterfly popcorn, a firm, crunchy type of popcorn that’s perfect with salt, sugar or spices. Its consistency is the main difference between it and the equally well-known mushroom popcorn. This round, soft popcorn with an even surface is usually coated in chocolate or caramel. Butterfly popcorn’s special surface allows it to absorb more flavouring while still remaining crisp and crunchy.


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