Our Brands

St. Dalfour

The "Rhapsodie de fruit" from St. Dalfour are produced - without added sugar - in the heart of France. They are sweetened with concentrated grape juice alone and the large fruit pieces give the fruit spread an exceptional fruity taste. At St. Dalfour, not only the content is exclusive, but also the elegant glass.

Too fine to be just spread.

ST DALFOUR has been producing fruit spreads in France since 1983 according to an old tradition. St. Dalfour's basic recipe dates back to a time when artificial sweeteners and preservatives were still a dream of the future. Everything that came into the glass came from Mother Nature. And because it still tastes best, nothing has changed at St. Dalfour to this day.

Like a traditional jam, St. Dalfour's products are made up of four basic elements: first-class fruit, a sweetener, a thickener and an acidifier. However, since only fruit, concentrated grape juice, apple pectin and lemon juice are used for the four basic ingredients, everything at St.Dalfour is 100% natural.