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NEW Nine is to be available on the Swiss market with a completely new and attractive design, featuring two different flavours: Nine Chia Berry and Dark Choc Pistachio Brazil. These bars contain a variety of seeds, nuts, kernels and berries that add up to a unique taste experience. The different ingredients give the bars high percentages of vitamins E and B1 as well as a high content of minerals. NEW Nine bars offer a range of outstanding health benefits:

  • They are made exclusively from natural ingredients
  • They are rich in copper and they provide a source ofselenium – elements that help the immune system to function normally
  • They are rich in dietary fibre that promotes healthy digestion
  • They are a source of magnesium, which helps to support cognitive functions
  • They are a source of vitamin B1 (thiamine), which helps to support the nervous system
  • Gluten- and wheat-free
  • 100% plant proteins
  • They only contain vegan ingredients
  • Palm oil from sustainable production (RSPO)

*Nine Chia Berry is free of palm oil

As a natural source of wholesome energy, these bars are your ideal companions for a healthy and active life. In your leisure time, during your lunch break or when you're playing sports: NINE gives you the energy you need. They're all it takes to be happy!