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Fisherman's Friend

In 1978 the famous Fisherman's Friend pastilles were imported into Switzerland for the first time and have been distributed by Uhlmann Eyraud since then. The range now comprises 11 flavours, 8 of which contain no sugar.

The stage is set for Fisherman’s Friend

“If they’re too strong, you’re too weak.”

It all started in nineteenth-century Fleetwood, a town on England’s eastern coast which at the time was the centre of the British fishing industry. The crews of the fishing vessels often returned to port with coughs and colds from their long voyages on the rough North Atlantic seas. In 1865, a local pharmacist created lozenges made of menthol and eucalyptus to bring the fishermen relief from these symptoms. Soon the fishermen were describing these “miraculous lozenges” as their friends, without which they would no longer dream of leaving dry land behind. And so the name of the now globally successful brand was created: Fisherman’s Friend.

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