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De Bron

De Bron is a pioneer in the world of sugar-free candy: 40 years ago, the company Van Vliet developed a new business segment for sugar-free candy under the name De Bron. We’ve decided on candy with the following criteria:

  • Sugar-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-fee (excluding toffees)
  • Fewer calories

"Candy from Holland – enjoy sugar-free treats"

"Enjoy sugar-free treats" – the confectionery brand de Bron caters to a whole host of special dietary requirements. For example, people who can't eat sugar or can only eat very little sugar due to dietary requirements also get to the chance to enjoy the sweeter side of life. Maltitol, isomalt and lactitol are used as a sugar substitutes – all of which are sweeteners that taste very similar to sugar. These de Bron products are especially kind to teeth, suitable for diabetics and great for people on diets. The de Bron range is produced by the family business Van Vliet in Holland.


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