We have specialised know-how in the food sector, extensive experience and long-standing contacts, and are therefore regarded as a valued partner for all sales channels in Switzerland. All distributors on the Swiss market are in our customer portfolio. We regularly visit 5,500 sales outlets (65% direct customers / 35% retail chains).


United against foodwaste!

In 2021, Dabso SA donated 2,618 kg of food to Tischlein deck dich, a charity that rescues perfectly good food products from destruction and distributes them to low-income households.

Every week, the donated food is distributed to over 21,000 people throughout Switzerland. This is an important contribution towards helping those with limited household budgets.

Product donors 2022


Cooperation with Galliker as a logistics partner

In cooperation with the logistics specialist Galliker, F. Uhlmann-Eyraud SA is constantly finding new ways to send the goods to the distribution partners in an uncomplicated manner. In doing so, we always take our environment into consideration and continuously reduce CO2 emissions.

CO2 reduction