About Uhlmann Eyraud

A Swiss family business with over 140 years of experience.

Our story begins in 1878 with the founding of F. Uhlmann-Eyraud SA, which today sells pharmaceutical and cosmetic products across the whole of Switzerland. In 2003, Uhlmann Eyraud founded a subsidiary company, Dabso SA, which operates in the food sector and is today a sister company of Uhlmann-Eyraud. A strong presence in both the food and pharmaceutical/OTC sectors is a truly unique combination in the Swiss market.



Frédéric Uhlmann-Eyraud (married to Elisa Eyraud) founds F. Uhlmann-Eyraud S.A in Geneva.
The company trades mineral water and toiletries.



Frédéric Uhlmann-Eyraud (married to Elisa Eyraud) founds F. Uhlmann-Eyraud S.A in Geneva.
The company trades mineral water and toiletries.


First catalogue published

Here, you can see the first edition of the sales catalogue.


Zurich branch opens

Opening of the Zurich branch. Pharmaceutical products are sold throughout Switzerland from the Geneva and Zurich branches.



F. Uhlmann-Eyraud S.A's core business is distributing pharmaceutical products, hygiene products and cosmetics which will be sold in pharmacies and drugstores.


Foundation of company pension and welfare fund

F. Uhlmann-Eyraud sets up a company pension and welfare fund and uses his own resources to fund it. An act ahead of its time and a great expression of generosity.


Ohropax and Warz-ab

New representation of Ohropax and Warz-ab, the oldest brands in our product portfolio which still exist to this day.


Tampax enters the Swiss market

Introduction of Tampax to the Swiss market, representation until the end of the 90s.


Lausanne branch opens

Branch in Lausanne opens following the takeover of pharmacy and chemist clientele from Union Romande and Amann S.A.



Swiss launch of the extra strong FISHERMAN’S FRIEND lozenges, which have since become a cult product. With this launch, the firm starts to build a name for itself.



Productsfrom Procter & Gamble (e.g. Pantène, Oil of Olaz, Kukident, Vicks, Old Spice, Clearasil, Blend-a-med) are now distributed in Switzerland by Uhlmann-Eyraud.


Branch relocation

Zurich branch relocates to Fehraltorf; an updated IT system and a new automated order processing system are installed.


Introduction of Stop-Hémo

Stop-Hémo haemostatic products from Laboratoires Brothier are introduced.


Saint Dalfour jam

New representation of Saint Dalfour, who make 100% natural jam with no added sugar.


Focus on the Swiss market

Partners agree to focus the company’s activitieson distributing and marketing health and food products in Switzerland.



Gaining momentum in the food market. To be able to focus more intensively on this, the company Dabso S.A is founded. From the central location in Burgdorf, Dabso takes over marketing, sales and business development in the food sector.



New representation of Epitact, specialists in medical foot care products.


Taste of Nature

Launch of the Canadian snack range ‘Taste of Nature’, which offers a wide variety of delicious flavours. 100% organic, vegan, kosher and free from additives, gluten, preservatives and artificial colours.



Launch of the long lasting PROfresh breath mints containing green tea and minty fresh herbs, produced by Fisherman’s Friend.


Fifth generation takes over

The fifth generation of the Weiss family takes over the firm.



We now distribute two well-known brands, Compeed and Sunstar (GUM).

We celebrate our 140-year anniversary!

Launch of our completely new corporate identity.

Dabso S.A relocated to Lenzburg, an ideal location.


+41 58 272 55 50


Dabso SA
Ateliergasse 1
CH-5600 Lenzburg


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